Few months ago the company I work for, Parrot, was looking for a system to manage the talks and training sessions they have over the year. So far they have outsourced the duty, but they thought it could be an idea to ask the employees to mock up a web application that could fit their needs.

Talks screenshot

I work as embedded software engineer, mainly focused on firmware and related software. But in my engineering school years I learned a bit of PHP that I used to work for few web projects, just to get some pocket money. So I decided to try to freshen up some of my knowledge and ended up presenting my own solution, Talks. It was a good way to discover the Laravel PHP framework and Bootstrap for designing interfaces really fast. It was interesting to see how easy it was to build a sophisticated looking web app without much effort!

Main features  of the Talks web application are:

  • List of available talks as main page
  • Users management (creation, edit) with different rights levels
  • Talks management (creation, edit, deletion), with attachments
  • Users can subscribe to an event
  • Managers can approve/refuse a user to attend to a talk
  • Developed with simplicity in mind

If you are interested, you can take a look at the github page, and you can check out the screenshots too.

talks-user-edit talks-talks-list talks-talk-edit