Personal Details

Date of Birth: 26 November 1981

Citizenship: Italian

Languages: Spanish, Italian (both mother tongues), English and French, basic Portuguese.

Technical Skills

Software programming: good knowledge of various languages, including C, C++, Python, Rust, Bash; web development skills using PHP, HTML5 and NodeJS; database development on MS SQL and MySQL.

Firmware development: ROM design and validation, adaptation and development on RTOS, Linux drivers development; experience developing bootloaders.

System development: experience integrating and using Yocto Linux, Docker.

Debug and profiling: experience using hardware tools (JTAG), gdb, lldb, VisualStudio. Profiling knowledge of perf, ftrace, oprofile, valgrind.

Hardware design: skills using system design language SystemC and basic knowledge of hardware description language Verilog.

Operating systems: thorough experience using and configuring Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Work Experience

Jan 2015
– present
Embedded software engineer – Brainchip Inc., Toulouse, France
Developed simulator for event-based spiking neural network (SNN) inspired SoC. Development of CNN to SNN converter and integration of hardware backend for SDK.
Aug 2017
Nov 2019
Software engineer – Renault Software Labs, Toulouse, France
Contributed to the definition and developement of a new generation of a software platform for embedded electronics in vehicles.
Nov 2016
Aug 2017
Embedded software engineer – Sigfox SA, Labège, France
Developed firmware for proof of concept projects, realized a library to optimize serialization.
Jan 2015
Nov 2016
Embedded software engineer – Intel Corp, Toulouse, France
Developed RTOS firmware for the Intel Curie SoC. Lead silicon and boards bring-ups. Integration of drivers, tools and several software layers. Lead power management features implementation.
Oct 2010
Dec 2014
Embedded systems engineer – Parrot S.A., Paris, France
Developed and integrated drivers and tools for custom SoCs. Integration of different IPs in the SoCs, virtualization of the IPs, driver development and tests on Linux and Android.
Sep 2009
Sep 2010
Linux OS developer – Mobile Devices, Paris, France
Developed embedded Linux based GPS based systems. Coordination of the team, architecture definition, porting of operating system to new hardware platforms.
Aug 2007
Aug 2009
Embedded systems developer – PacketVision Ltd., Maidenhead, UK
Developed Linux drivers and applications for a real-time IPTV video splicer. System integration, porting to different hardware architectures of previously existing programs.
Mar 2006
Aug 2007
Software developer - Interlink Technologies, Warren (NJ), USA
Team-developed client-server program for shipping management. Integrated key software modules into the core application.


Email: alvaro dot moran at gmail dot com