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So far this blog has not been updated very often. I still work with and on technology and I still find sometimes it could be worth sharing whatever is in my mind, so I will try to talk about that more often. The other subject I care about is photography.[…]

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For those of us who need to use google’s repo and do typos, I uploaded rpeo to github.

Makefiles can be very complicated. Recently I have found on stackoverflow a way to print out all variables. My favourite variant was this:

Writing device drivers in Linux requires some kernel knowledge and some rules must be followed. Writing a user space application that drives the device can be simpler to write and debug. This article explains how to implement a simple user space driver to a memory-mapped device.

A while ago we developed an application that runs on Linux. I wanted to profile it in order to understand if we could make it run faster. That’s why I spent some time looking at some profilers, and here’s a quick round of what I have learned. I created a[…]

I really like my Ubuntu 12.04. I don’t use the Unity shell, but the system underneath is stable enough and I have plenty of packages. From time to time however, I need to install some binary or library that it is not available as package. So I download the source[…]

Few months ago the company I work for, Parrot, was looking for a system to manage the talks and training sessions they have over the year. So far they have outsourced the duty, but they thought it could be an idea to ask the employees to mock up a web[…]

A while ago I bought a Raspberry Pi (model B). It is quite a nice gadget that is rather popular, so you can easily use it for whatever project you might have in mind that needs a low-powered embedded computer. I use it to share my external USB drive contents via[…]

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Mac and gcc

I wanted to compile a little test program I wrote in C. The problem is that, in order to compile on a Mac using the command line, you need to configure the XCode command line tools. You can find this information on the web easily, but I couldn’t get the[…]